Valheim Place
Jarlstahdt is the home base in Simon Cess' primary world. It is large and in charge!

Welcome to Jarlstahd! The head hauncho, Simon Cess spends his days here building, sharpening his steel, planning expeditions and getting raided and having to kite Fulings around the outer wall.

Come on in, through the main gate. Hearths are heaped high (sometimes) and about 35% of the wall sconces are lit with the finest resin rendered from slain Grey Dwarves. (That's gross, let's just say they had it in their satchels when they .. didn't need it any more.)

Front entrance and tower. Utterly useless for defense.
The hold, thoroughfare and Great Hall.

Great Hall

When other Vikings have a request for the Jarl, everyone comes to the Greathall.

Entrance to the Greathall.

The Jarl sits in his throne, with his two lieutenants on either side. Other vikings may sit at the picnic table.

Here are some more pictures of the Great Hall.

Map Room

When you join this world, head to the cartography room so you can fill in your minimap. It is pretty comfortable in here. Have a seat, or take a nap when the planning session goes long.

The map room, adjacent to the Great Hall.

Manor and Fields

The Jarl has his own spot to sleep. It is the comfiest place in the village! Don't try and take his bed.

The manor

It's really a pain to keep all the braziers lit with resin.


A few months ago I extended Jarlstahd all the way out to the river. It connects oceans on two sides of the home continent, so it is a nice place to dock when coming back from an adventure.

Riverside Dock

The Hold

This recently got a big upgrade. Until a week or so ago, it was just a little thatched tunnel that I built very early on.

The hold. A tough nut to crack


Kitchen interior

It was cool when they added ovens and stuff to decorate/improve your cooking station.

East Gate

Don't come this way unless you want to get arrow-ed!



Viking pre-afterlife's a stage, and Simon Cess just a poor player here to fret away his time. To be honest this place is kind of dead.

The Theatre. Level up your cultural enrichment!

Guest barracks

This is the nicest, and only hotel around. While as a visitor you might find a stray bed tucked away in some dusty corner, you should really head to the barracks to crash. It's plenty comfy and the Wall O Trophies will get you in the mood for martial melee.

The guest barracks, with the riverside portal cluster in the back left.

The Bees

Are happy.

Maybe this is why no one goes to the theatre.

The ores and the Hot tub

Are smelting, and hot-tubbing.

Kilns, smelters and .. hottub?

All in all it is been a blast building Jarlstahd!

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