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Gatsby Quest is my project to publish gaming and web development-related content, for fun.

Minecraft Worlds

Dan and B's World

Founded: 2021-01-29

Dan's First World

Founded: 2021-01-30

Valheim Worlds

Bearded Viking Party

Founded: 2021-02-17

Our Server

Founded: 2022-12-06

Game Reviews

Cyberpunk 2077

Loved the setting and characters, plus solid game mechanics, good command of Cyberpunk tropes


Best-of-breed survival/crafting artistry and mechanics


October 2022 Valheim

Day five hundred something!

July 2022 Valheim Update

New bases, decorations and improvements

The Lair of Flumglungstar

Isaac's Red Dragin (N)PC

Grommet Image Gallery

Build an accessible image gallery using Grommet

Facing the Furies

Why Agency Developers Should Play Roguelikes
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