Jarlstahd - West Docks

Valheim Place
The West Docks used to be nothing special. Then one day, Odin demanded that I build an awesome citadel.

The West Docks was once just a tiny shack:

Many months passed. Ore would often be dropped off here, only to have to make the strenuous journey up a very poorly planned mountain pass. Carts had to be kept light.

One day, I saw Odin's light and decided that I needed to build a refinery and ore storage base at the West Docks landing. It was after all the gateway to a pretty vast ocean. I succeeded! The base turned out awesome. First, let me show where the smelting happens.

Smelt it, you dealt it.

The port had to look cool from the water. Perhaps many journeys will end here. There is much to explore out past the west sea. I wanted the walls to look awesome.

Coming into shore

No need to haul your cargo up a mountain. Just leave it in the warehouse on the shore, and come into the manor.

Mind your manors

Head upstairs to get some rest.

Stairs and levels between ground floor and the attic.

North Gate

The North Gate looks out imposingly across the Dark Forest. A team of Vikings can sleep here, two in each tower and two on top.

Behold the North Gate

Trophy Cabin

Trophies no longer go in a random chest. Here, in the Trophy Cabin, trophies can shine on display.

Trophy cabin, for trophies.

Inner Grove

I decided to make the outdoor space behind the house into a nice little grove, and to put the portals there.

Onion patch, and some trails through the grove

Sea Wall and Boardwalk

The sea wall keeps out unwanted visitors from the Dark Forest patch to the south. There is a boardwalk on it that lets me cart ores to the main base when that is needed.

All along the boardwalk

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