October 2022 Valheim

Day five hundred something!
By Dan Polant | 10/24/2022
New places! New stuff! Same game!

New place: Rimehelm

Mmm architecture

New place: Edgemere

"Edge" mere

New structure: Two-story Portal Tower

Not a lot of real estate left in Jarlstahd. Gotta build up. A good structure pattern to follow, for later.

Two story portal times

New structure: Jarlstahd East Gate

The east gate used to look like garbola. Now it's sturdier and more intimidating.

Get back, ye boars and fell beasts!!

Fixed some crappy topography

The inner courtyard was pretty choppy before. I finally realized how level ground works and redid some parts.

This used to be more gnarly
This part is pretty central, and is much smoother than it was.

New stuff: Fenris Gear

I've been exploring frost caves, and finally scored a cultist trophy to complete my Fenris armor set.


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