Shattered Cove Settlement

Minecraft Place
Minecraft terrain generation really never ceases to amaze - I couldn't pass up settling in this unusual, sublime place. I've built this settlement up quite a bit on both the Overworld and Nether sides.

Since founding this settlement I have come across a few other Shattered Savannah biomes, but none of them have had the same appeal. It took a lot of effort to connect this to my main base. I didn't really understand Nether travel at the time, so when I got to this base to set up initially, I was pretty isolated. I spent a good while using local materials to set up a small L-shaped cabin.

Another thing I didn't really grasp was writing down coordinates. I created a book that explains the directions to get from my spawn base to this new one. It was fun and immersive but definitely silly in retrospect. Since then I've recorded its coordinates and connected it via Nether train.

This settlement certainly spans a good range of elevation. There is a building above cloud level on one of the peaks - I call this structure Breezehome. It is a breezy place, and there probably aren't enough railings. You can travel down a bubble column from Breezehome to down a level and follow a short path to the alchemy facility, which hangs beneath an outcropping.

Follow a second, shorter bubble column down to reach sea level. The base has all the survival essentials, plus an alchemy tower.

The Soul Forge

One of the most useful structures in the Shattered Cove is a Blaze spawner, converted to a Blaze farm, which I have named the Soul Forge.

Inside the Soul Forge
The ceiling is lava

Here, I spawn and slay blazes, and feed their XP back into my items that have mending. Sometimes I even gamble on an enchantment table roll while I'm at it. These days though, the villager trading hall in the Far Land House is better for that.

The Shattered Cove Settlement is probably the most advanced and self sufficient base in this world. I like its aesthetics, with stripped Acacia posts anchoring cobble stone and stone brick foundations and walls. I don't hang out here much, mostly because its Nether chunks are pre-1.6, but the Shattered Cove will always be one of my favorite bases.

First Nether Hub

Once you pass through the Shattered Cove Nether portal, you can connect to a number of other settlements via protected minecart rails. The orange lines take you to either the Soulforge or the First Base. The Blue line takes you to the Swamp Home. If you want to go further, climb the scaffolding to the top of the Nether where you can catch the Long L Train to the Far Land base.

The Blue and Orange Lines
The interior of the nether hub.

Build visible lines on the floor of the Nether is fun, but less efficient than tunneling and laying rails through the roof.

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