The Lair of Flumglungstar

Isaac's Red Dragin (N)PC
By Dan Polant | 2/13/2022
Recently I purchased the D&D book Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, and my son Isaac wanted to make an NPC dragon and dragon lair map.

Pretty much this whole thing was Isaac's idea, but I typed it up:

Name: Flumglumstar

Age: 238

He hatched in an abandoned Red Dragon lair, and it was infested by fire elementals. He studied the elementals and learned how to make interdimensional portals. He has traveled into many dimensions, and is recruiting adventurers to find one of its “echoes,” meaning an alternate version of himself that exists on another plane.

Flumglungstar lives in a cave and enjoys making traps for Gnolls around the area. He lives near the village of Toth.

Flumglungstar commands a huge legion of elementals from the elemental planes.

Flumglungstar’s favorite human form is a street vendor selling Captain Flumbrero comics. Captain Flumbrero is a sentient Flumph with supernatural powers, based on Flumglungstar’s pet flumph named Flumbert. One of Flumglungstar’s missions is to give Flumbert supernatural powers so he can shoot “lasers.”

Other NPCs: Regelasoth: A sentient skeleton, and Flumglungstar’s majordomo. He takes care of Flumbert.

And here is a picture of Flumglumstar's Lair:

I used Google Drawings to make this, Isaac told me what to put where.
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