July 2022 Valheim Update

New bases, decorations and improvements
By Dan Polant | 7/17/2022
At 460 hours in, over the course of about one real-life year and two years measured in in-game days, Valheim is still providing pretty substantial fun.

Hi folks! I'm posting a quick update about new stuff in my Valheim world.

West Docks Citadel

West Docks Citadel

More Ovens

Who wants to wait forever to cook all their bread and Lox pies?

An extra row of four ovens

Horn of Celebration and Bedroom Decorations

It's a celebration!

Storage Improvements

The storage setup before was pretty basic. Now it makes better use of space.

I widened the corridor and stacked the chests higher.

Manor Improvements

Here are some improvements I made to the main Jarlstahd Manor.

Secret meeting room

Obliterator Built

This thing zaps
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